The Wireless & Mobile Networking Laboratory (WMNL) is directed by Hyoil Kim, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) at UNIST. The WMNL’s research focuses on the cutting edge technology in wireless/wired networking, including

1. 5G/6G communications (e.g., URLLC, MEC, NR-U, 3D spatial communications, communications-computing convergence)
2. AI-empowered networking (e.g., RAN-agnostic communications, mobile federated learning)
3. Next-generation WLAN (e.g., IEEE 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7), low-latency WLAN for XR, TSN over WLAN)
4. Next-generation mobility networking (e.g., V2X, Hyperloop communications, satellite and UAM communications)
5. Cognitive radio (CR) and dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies

The WMNL’s research interest particularly lies in network optimization and scheduling, spectrum resource management and allocation, performance and capacity analysis, Quality-of-Service (QoS) and Quality-of-Experience (QoE) provisioning, spectrum pricing and measurement, and AI-empowered network management, etc.

The WMNL is waiting for talented students who have a strong desire for top-quality research in next-generation communication networking technologies and applications. If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact the director via email along with your resume/CV.